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FAQ – Spin Sports Esports Most Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to the Spin Sports Esports FAQ section. You can find all the most frequently asked questions about our online esports betting below. If you would like more information or have a different question, send us a message via our Contact Us page.

I placed a bet on a match and just realised the team name is spelt wrong, is my bet still valid?

If a player or team plays with a misspelled nickname, rest assured that the result and the bets are still valid. The only exception is when it is clear they weren’t the player or team that was supposed to play that match.

I placed a bet on a match and it wasn’t played, what happens now?

If a match is postponed or never played then your bet will be void, unless the match is played within 48 hours of the originally scheduled start time. If necessary, a new event will be opened for betting.

I placed a winning bet, when do I get my winnings?

You can expect to be paid as soon as the official result has been declared by the relevant governing body for that particular competition.


I placed a bet on a Counter Strike: Global Offensive match that has gone into overtime, do the overtime points count or not?


If a CS:GO match goes into overtime, then it is the result after overtime that counts for settlement purposes.

Where do I find the esports events offered by Spin Sports Esports?

On the main Spin Sports home page, scroll down the page until you see the live schedules board (you can also find this on the Live Odds page) with a black background. On the left you have a search box to search for events; or scroll down further to see the Sports list (below featured links on the left) and click on esports.

What does Winner Full Time betting mean exactly?

Winner Full Time betting is when you predict which player or team will win the match (or map or round if this is specified in the title). But if a match, game or map is started but not finished, then all the bets will be void. If the scheduled number of rounds or maps is changed, your Winner Full Time bets are still valid. The only exception is when a player or team is disqualified: if this happens, the player or team that is awarded the victory by the official source will be paid out as the winner.

What esports do you have on Spin Sports for esports betting?

Spin Sports Esports has a wide range of esports and betting options. More games will be added as demand for certain games increases. At the time of writing, we cover all the major esports: League of Legends, DOTA 2, Call of Duty, Overwatch, Fortnite, FIFA, NBA 2k, CS:GO, StarCraft II, King of Glory, Hearthstone, Apex Legends and PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds. This is a fast-evolving market so keep checking the website for changes.

During the Live events, what will happen to my bet if there is a draw or disconnection?

If there is a draw or a disconnection and a game must be played again, then all the bets are void. The replayed match is treated as a separate live event, and you will have to place a new bet.


What esports markets does Spin Sports cover?


In the esports category, Spin Sports currently has Brazil, International, South Korea and Vietnam market options. The international category is where you’ll find the most events.

Where do I find esports matches to bet on and the current schedules?

Go to the Live Odds page on Spin Sports and scroll down to the Sports list (on the left-hand side, under the search box and featured links). Then click on the esports category to see the matches offered.

I placed an esports bet but I’d like to change it, is it possible?

Spin Sports Esports customers cannot cancel or change a bet that has been placed and confirmed. So please, choose your bets carefully before you place them.

What does spread betting mean?

A “spread” works like a handicap in golf at Spin Sports Esports. Spread betting is a way to make odds more competitive and give outsiders an advantage. The way spread bets are placed depends on the game and market. For example, in StarCraft II and DotA 2 spread bets are placed on maps, in CS:GO it is rounds, etc. The settlement is based on the final score (maps or rounds won by each team) taking into account the spread (handicap).

What is over/under betting?

Over/Under, also known as total betting, is where you predict how many games/maps/rounds will be needed to decide the winner. In other words, before the game is played, an estimated total number of games, maps or rounds is set (e.g. 7 rounds). If, when the real game is played you bet Under and the real total is lower than the estimate (e.g. 5 total rounds) you win; and vice versa.

What is a source of wealth request?

Due to our AML compliance and alignment with current FATF recommendations and FIAU regulations we are at times required to establish a client’s “source of wealth” as part of our enhanced due diligence responsibilities.

“Source of wealth” is defined as “the origin of the subject’s total assets” and refers to any activity or situation that has generated the individual’s total wealth.  Should you be required to provide documentation, which would be used to verify your source of funds, the following documentation could be requested from you:

  • bank statements
  • Payslip
  • Recently filed business accounts
  • sale of an asset details in the completion statement
  • divorce settlement and court order specifying the written settlement agreement
  • inheritance money in the form of the Will statement

Please Note! We will have dedicated staff to facilitate the verification.  Please rest assured that all information shared with us will be treated as confidential and that all efforts will be made to assist clients wherever and whenever possible.